RAMENSES- A collab with my friend based on his Tshirt Design

Its Pain in Ass to work on the noodles wrapped on the body. I wish there’s a new way to create something like this in the future. Any Advise?

btw…I did the noodles, moving it one by one or using array to cover the body quickly.


Delightful character :+1:

Any experimentation done with slices of Narutomaki fish cakes for the eyes to lock it into the ramen theme?



Wow thank u,that would be great. But at this moment I have to respect the designer. I can do next version with it. Thanx for the advise appreciated :pray:t2::smiling_face:

Just point out to the designer that character evolution is always an ongoing thing… ask a certain 100-year old mouse!

Explore ways the character can be expressive with his Naruto eyes: A few strategic strands of noodles clipping the top edge of the slice may very effectively emote anger/concentration, clip the bottom edge and it may easily express joy. Shrink the spirals for fear.

Chopsticks can be held in a similar fashion to how Egyptian gods were depicted with a staff… or crossed in the back as Bo-staff

Assemble a team of noodle characters to cover all your bases:

Study Chinese wheat noodles (Lo Mein) to make a LO-MAN… short segments of green scallion accessorizes and differentiates this character.

Google the renown Vietnamese Beef Rice-Noodle soup to create your Phô King nemesis. Proper Vietnamese pronunciation of “phô” makes the name especially cheeky. Credit to a restaurant that actually used this name.

Good luck in your endeavors!