Quick head video

Had some time and wanted to do a quick head sculpt, my favorite go to thing to do. Trying to get faster at anatomy and I read a tip about sculpting with the eyes closed to help with retopo and facial rigging so I wanted to give it a try.


Love how you start off the head formation. Thanks for sharing, great video.

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That was a ride! To be honest I wasn’t sure that the result would be that good after first 2min. Brilliant!

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Nice little sculpt. I’ve found I can usually get better quick results when I sculpt the eyes closed. Sometimes I spend too much time fiddling with getting open eyelids right. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Decent results, but I’m not sure about what measurements you’re using before starting the sculpt. Most seemed to be not used and everything was moved around and adjusted a lot more afterwards for them to be of much help. I’ve found that using an almost guitar pick shape for the head requires the least amount of adjustments as the sculpt moves along.

Not sure if any of this will help, but the measurements that I use the most are the 1/2 the head for the eye sockets, 1/2 the distance from the eyes to the jaw for the nose, and again 1/2 for the lips. Though I don’t actually place the lines on the sculpt since I’ve done countless hundreds of them at this point and the slight variation from exact is what keeps it unique. Afterwards, the 5 eyes across will certainly help with the placement of the eyes. The ones you placed were a bit forward and placed too far outwards for that 5 eyes rule. There’s usually 1 eye distance between the eyes. The last is roughly 1/2 again for the start of the ear (which I seem to put in completely different than everyone else I’ve seen, but it works for me…lol).

Looks like you’re not far from getting some more lifelike results though.

I did a quick male head to show kind of what I’m referring to.

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I wanted to see how effective the guide lines would usually be but honestly like you saw I didn’t find them very helpful lol. Honestly your whole comment is exactly the kind of critic I look for and I find it incredibly helpful, I’m going to keep at it and keep those measurements in mind as I keep practicing. I haven’t out in the numbers as you have but I’ll get there someday, thanks for all the helpful tips it’s very much appreciated. I love how encouraging and helpful everyone in this forum is :grinning:

Cool time-lapse!

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