Question about the Change Log Topic

Could someone please explain how to read the Changelog-Topic? Obviously this is Stéphane telling us, what’s going on. I see the thread being actualized from time to time, but the last entry still is from November '21. Also I do not see that many changes in the last post (given the assumption that Stéphane simply adds changes that one) but I also don’t keep a copy of that thread on my computer for diffs.

So is there anything to see, when this thread pops up on top? Or do I simply not have the access level needed to see them?

We all staring at this change log and try to find the new things added. :joy:
It’s not marked.
Usually it was not a big deal as there were few things changed.
But since the upgrade frequency is lowered and the list gets longer, it’s very hard to find the new changes.
Due to this lots of stuff won’t be tested in webAssembly, I am afraid.

Maybe it’s a good idea to mark new changes to get them tested, or next release needs a real beta. With Infinite Painter, we almost had always two versions installed. Normal and beta via TestFlight. Had it’s pros and cons.

But no. You are not seeing less than the rest of us.

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I was also going to suggest a marker for the latest change soon.

I made it a locked wiki so that you can see the revision history.