Pxgeek - Nomad doodles

Really enjoying the app experience so far.
I intended to sculpt this 1 subd level higher, but at 4mil. faces it ran out of memory fast and would just crash.

Will mess around with vertex colors eventually (and share some feedback on that experience…so apologies in advance :))


Spitballing some color, not sure i’m committed to any particular direction yet…


I think I’ll call this guy “The Vagrant” (too on the nose?)

The painting tools are simply fantastic! Especially so after the recent update.

Far and away, my favorite thing about Nomad is it’s layer system. Having topology independent layers is kinda amazing. It’s so robust and easy to switch back and forth between sculpt/paint - I think it’s what makes it special and unique, and I haven’t even taken full advantage yet. I’m excited to see how this will develop further in the future.

It still amazes me that we have tools like this for our phones and tablets.

( I post other art stuff here too: https://pixelpoly.tumblr.com/, not very often though)


Very nice!

Rough wip

I couldn’t help but think of this character when sculpting with this matcap. It kept clobbering inside my brain…


It took me a hot minute to finish this. But still pretty fun…if not repetitive.
And I used a ton of negative layer factors! :grin:


Love render woah

Amazing work!

Looks good