Projects organization and Versions option

After a few days of trying Nomad I´ve found myself having tons of projects per model. I have to constantly go and delete some versions because they are not stacked or well organized in subfolders, or similar.

I use procreate, all adobe apps (desktop/ipad) Affinity Designer and Photo, etc. I like to think I’m a heavy user, and an experienced one (I have 35 y/o, I’ve been working with creative apps for 15 years now)
This is why I’m going to show a video of how Forger solve this, just as an example. Procreate solve this very good too!

I’m used to save a version of big changes in my design (not just in 3d projects, also as a graphic designer).
I don’t like to have just one project with dozens of layers as versions, or duplicated and hidden models in the same project.
I feel much more clean and tidy to be able to have versions of the same project (like Forger) or at least groups or stacks (like Procreate).

If thumbnails are a problem, at least a solution with just the text titles (like Forger and project versions) it would be awesome too, I’m sure a lot of people would be very happy to use this.

Thanks! Keep the great work, this app is so good!