Hierarchical Storage (Subfolders)

Loving Nomads power and efficiency on iPad, truly amazing software! Already my favorite 3D modeling software for its ease of use! However…

From what I can see all projects are stored in a flat single directory/folder…after a few weeks using the software I already have to scroll through pages of projects to find the project I want to open. This will become impossible in just a few months… we desperately need some mechanism for organizing our projects into hierarchical groups (sub-folders). I have tried adding subfolders in the “Projects” folder, but they are not recognized by NomadSculpt.
Storing all projects in a single folder will rapidly become a problem for any serious users of Nomad, I hope you will consider add a means for use to group and organize our models to address this critical shortcoming.

Thank You for all the amazing work!

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Maybe I’ll do it in the future but there’s both UI and technical work to do so it’s not straighforward.

Handling thumbnails is particularly annoying in my case.

Just wanted to add a +1 to this, and not only for project files but for stamps as well! Would be great to be able to keep an organized library of alphas available. Thanks :slight_smile: