More target folders for the project files

It would be really great if you could add additional paths to OTHER storage locations in the projects.

I am talking about a path to cloud storage - here inside the projects.
It should best be possible to create a path to a cloud storage.

There must be a way to save the projects in other places, NOT under NOMAD/PROJECTS , I hope - and keep the preview icons / thumbnails.

Otherwise, my project folder will explode at some point. :boom:


You obviously know that you can save to folders by typing “Folder / file name” when you save your files?? I’m sure you do.

:wink: Of course, I have a lot of well organized subfolders, but all in the Nomad folder / projects.

But I’m talking about OTHER STORAGE locations - e.g. Icloud

Simply the option in the projects menu to not only save locally under Nomad projects must be possible.