Procreate Export - Don't create a new scene - automatically add to existing scene - would be more convenient

Sending objects from Procreate back to Nomad Sculpt via the Share menu automatically opens a new Scene and closes the existing one.

I don’t know if this is controlled by Procreate …

It would be more convenient if the objects are added to the open scene.

This way you could quickly create many low poly objects with texture in one scene - without much hassle.


I noticed this also happens with the File app on iOS.

I exported a file from Nomad, then clicked on it in File app to view. Opening a 3D file usually opens it in a different viewer app but instead opened it as a new project in Nomad. It closed out the project I was working on. Thankfully I had already saved.

Wish we could get this too. Maybe make it an option to choose whether to add to scene or create a new scene when importing