PLEASE have the help doc downloadable

I know I sound like an old sailor, but PLEASE have the help doc downloadable as PDF or anything readable offline, hell ill even settle for an html RIP or your help file…

I’m a 2D/3D vet and new to Nomad, and aside for missing an offline doc, i’m experimenting with it, and im still in awe each time i find a new feature i havent played with yet, great work you did there!

im SO lovin it!


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By help file do you mean the online manual? If so, then I don’t think it’s of much use, because I don’t think the manual is updated.

As Holger mentioned, the manual isn’t update as often as the app is. So it may not be correct/relevant for all the tools.

That being said, you can save the pages as a pdf yourself if you’re using pc, Mac, or iOS devices (prob. Android as well but I’m not as familiar).

thanks, yeah, i utlimately decided to use a freeware and did just that


I tried to generate a pdf from the html but it wasn’t pretty at all.

After fiddling for a while with settings in HtTrack I managed to get a relatively decent copy, but I admit its a pain in the A… Most of it got backedUp correctly and everything seems to be there, but Ill have to dig in it and tweak the copied CSS manually to fix some text colors that came out weird (meaning barely readable) but its better than nothing

Still, Won’t complain, Nomad is a very impressive software for the price its sold…

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