Manual update?

So I had to take a pause from Nomad for a while due to hectic life stuff, but now I’m back to it and noticed there are new functions. Tried seeing what they were in the manual but they are not in there, anyone have any info to share to bring me up to speed?
I’m still very much a novice with 3D programs and don’t know a lot of the terminology so I might just think there are new things?
Anywho, thank you

Best place is YouTube

This guy’s channel has all the latest tips for the updates.

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Thank you for that

The manual is not always up to date, it’s something that I need to do.

There’s a page with all the changes in here: Nomad Change Log - #10 by stephomi

The most notable recent changes are the lights/shadows and the postprocess.

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thank you @stephomi
I hope I did not come over as rude, I’m just very bad at finding even simple information at times.
you are doing an amazing job and I by no means mean to rush.

Add: look I’m even late to responding to you even though I read your reply the day of… -__-

I’d also like to see an update to the manual, the new features are coming so fast it’s hard to keep up (which is a very good thing and greatly appreciated Steph!) the short video bytes of how new features work and where they are located are really useful, it’d be good to have fast access to these direct from the app even… keep up the amazing work!