Please add hide button on left tool menue for faster workflow

Hello. It would be great that when we select objects a hide button would appear in the left side tool menue.
Sometimes there is a lot of objects in the scene and it would be great to not need to open the objects panel and go through the objects to hide. Just select with the select tool or touching and push the hide button right away.
Great to isolate things fast without the solo button since sometimes we need to work on a group of objects and only hide near objets fast.
Maybe it could be always there so then When nothing is selected and the hide hutton is pressed any object hidden just comes up in the scene.
So if you want to see how the overal thing is looking you press right away the hide button everything comes up then you just undo and the objects that where hidden gets hidden again, then you continue working

Maybe check the WebDemo and test new hide tool… :wink:

You mean the one in the Image?
Is quite cool but it does not do what I am looking for. It hides thing or mesh parts by painting it.
The one I would like to use is just touch an object, or select a bunch with the select laso and hide it right away with a click of a button with out the need to open the object panel.
Then with that same button with one click, its unhide all the objects that may be hidden, so then with undo they get hiden again.

To be honest I don’t understand in wich scenario the new tool can be used as a hide tool.
I am actually kind of confused on its purpose.
At the moment it seems to me more like an erase unerase tool than a hide unhide tool and if it is an erase tool that is quite fantastic.

If you got lof of objects, usually the Solo option at the bottom does the job.
Hide is for partial hide, not object-level visibility.

Yes but sometimes we only need to hide some parts not all of them or need to work on more than one and hide others. With a hide unhide button where I show in the screenshot it would help speed up the process it would be a matter to just click with out the need to open the object menue and look for the parts. Just touch the object and hide right away.
There is a point where models start to have to many parts. Specially when we want to keep things separated to be able to pose the character later. And things start to get kind o messy on large projects

It’s possible to select the objects in the viewport, then click the eye icon of one of them in the explorer menu. This will hide all object you selected in the viewport.

So just one more click than an extra button. I think the main viewport UI shouldn’t get any fuller than it is.