Please add a feature to write text on 3d model:(

It’s hard to text and mask it and extract /split it . Add a feature to write text on 3D model & place it on the required place on the 3D model . Please add text feature .


Just fyi- You can create a text in an outside app like procreate or something. Then you can use it as a stamp to place it wherever you want.


Nope it won’t produce results in the best way we imagine but I found another effective solution

Solution : duplicate the object you want to place the text on and make the object turn into glass using refraction (lit pbr ) and use Uv unwrap for that cloned object and add texture like logo or label made in jpeg format made using procreate . And adjust that texture in the place by adjusting he controls in texture mode.

Here’s the product I designed,CLICK HERE

It works awesome :smiling_face:

I named this method (Shashi style ):joy: & follow me if possible it helps 🩵

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