Path children validation crash bug

Bug reports seems that objects go off path once you move original stating point . Then crashes when I go to validate

Polycount !
When validating, the polycount increases abruptly, in the bracket behind Scene Vertices is 32 Mio, that is the polycount when you validate.
So 16 x 2 Mio Vertices .

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Why do you mean by “objects go off path once you move original starting point”.

For now that’s how it works, the repeat node itself isn’t necessarily positioned on the first point of the curve (if you move the first point). But maybe the repeat node should always be sync with the first pivot point.
And the repeated objects (as children) can be moved relative to the curve.

As for the crash, yes you run out of memory. If you want to validate a repeat node, it’s best to go with a low polycount. Extra instances don’t increase the memory usage, but if you validate it will.