Need help with this

I hope someone can help me with this problem

I want to test some low poly and came
to a problem that makes me crazy. When I create a 2x2x2 (or any low poly size) cube and activate sym. With move tool and start too move the edges I get this results

As you can see the edges are not the same. Can someone help pls.

Not a bug, that’s just how it is.

You are dealing with quads, not triangles. Having non planar quad will result in stuffs like this.

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If you are not familiar with low poly editing, think of folding paper. With wireframe on, you see the polygon with four vertices (points/corners) and edges (lines) but there is a invisible diagonal connection (edge) as well dividing the polygon into two triangles. As soon as you move one corner of a polygon, it will “fold” around this diagonal line.
The result is what you see in your picture.
If you want to move a complete polygon without folding, you need to select all four vertices/corners. But this can cause other surrounding polygons to “fold” at a certain point.
Regular 3D low poly modelling programs do have direct selection tools for polygon, edges, vertices. Most very expensive high end sculpting program have added this as well.
But sculpting apps were originally designed as a companion for 3D low poly modelling programs.
But the behaviour you claimed as a problem, will be the same in any 3D app due to facts explained above.
Our community member @Holger_Schoenischka is doing incredible low poly stuff inside Nomad and is sharing his knowledge on YouTube as ProcreateFX. Maybe you check some of his videos.

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Thanks for help, yes I’m new too low poly work :smiley: and general at 3d sculpting.
BTW. I was testing something I watched on his YouTube channel with the dune chopper x.x and it looked Kinde different, that’s why I was confused

Unfortunately, the quads are actually 2 triangles, to keep the symmetry helps only mirroring at the central axis, so the folds of the quad - triangles are also mirrored.


Ahh nice solution thank you, here again a screen what I get without mirroring [left cube] and with the solution from @Holger_Schoenischka , mirroring [right cube]

I need too ask again, are you sure this is not a bug and wanted ? The left cube ? @stephomi