Need Help Cylinder Inner Radius and Render

Hello. I have a few questions. The first is about the inner radius of the cylinder. if I want to make a simple ring with a size of 16mm and a thickness of 2mm, I take a cylinder and indicate a radius of 10; I would indicate an inner radius of 8mm - but there is no such thing. Maybe this value is not responsible for the inner radius? Maybe this is an offset from a radius of 10 - then I would indicate 2 - but this is not the case either. I understand that I can make two cylinders and “boolean” the big one with the smaller one - but it takes longer. Most likely I do not understand something.
Second question. I made the ring set up the scene - it looks ok. I press render - and in the render everything is overexposed and does not look like it was. Why?

What does your mesh topology look like?

Regarding the overexposure, I can only say that you have to test.

Thank you. But how difficult it is. I have to constantly calculate the inner radius and I don’t have some parameters like in your screenshot.

The mesh is very dense.

Hi! I use Nomad for jewelry and I stumble upon the same issue that you had and boolean the cylinders is the only thing It gets the correct sizes. For more parameters I think you can go to the top left the primitive menu and there you should have the field to inout inner diameter number.


Yes, calculating is necessary, but guess you don’t make 20 different rings at once :wink:. The menu is not complete, that seems to be an error in version 1.78, in the upcoming update the menu is complete again.

Well if I want a 16.5mm ring with a thickness of 1.5mm
then I have to make some mathematical calculations? I will specify a radius of 9.75 mm and internal? Wouldn’t it be logical to just specify an inner radius of 8.25? I understand that this program is not aimed at parametric modeling. Perhaps I want a lot from her. Thank you for your help.

I have been modeling jewelry for 13 years. A couple of months since I started using “Nomad Sculpt”
If you are interested you can check my instagram

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