Need help: Attaching an object to the 2nd object

I’m new to sculpting, and i just want to create hair for now…i have 2 objects…a sphere and i also create like a hair strand(cartoon hair).
i want to attach it to the circle, but it’s really hard…it keeps on moving and not lining up…is there a way that i can attach the first point of the hair to the circle, like snapping it…so that i can just make some adjustment to the the rest of the hair strand, like making it long or etc…you know what im talking about? unless you have a tutorial on how to do it more easily…thanks…

Hmm I don’t think you can do that.

You can make the hair/head a single object but I don’t think it can solve your issue. By merging objects in the “Scene” panel (select multiple object in the list first).

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