My Little-big hobby

I finally finished my Goat retopo in Spacedraw.


Dear Nomad Team, We really need a retopology tool. :face_holding_back_tears:


I know, you mean “inside Nomad”, but you might wanna take a look at this one:

Instant meshes

Haven’t tried it, but it looks awesome + it’s free

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Thanks :slight_smile: But… Is it possible to install this application on Android. Can I use Linux deploy for android to install instant mesh? I have a notebook and have Blender3d and Zbrush installed inside…these programs have everything I need. But the laptop is not portable enough, given that you still need to connect a Wacoom tablet to it. I hope it’s clear what I mean. Ha-ha… :pensive:

If you have Blender and Zbrush, why do you invest so much effort and time in Retopology?
There are way faster ways, to create Low-Poly Models…

I also often ask myself this question: why not on a computer PC?
I’m interested in retopology on mobile devices, because I’ve been doing manual retopology on a computer for a very long time, I’m used to this process, I like it. I learned the wisdom of retopology… :sweat_smile: I understand that it’s faster to do auto-retopology and then tweak the result a little manually. I also know and practice transferring models from a tablet to a laptop(notebook) in order to refine these models using all the advantages of desktop programs.
But now I am a professional in a different field, I am a soloist, an opera singer. I have a very stressful job and need some pocket hobbies. The choice fell on mobile 3D modeling. And I am sincerely happy that Nomad works not only on IOS but also exists on Android. Our smartphones are very powerful devices, now it remains to make high-quality software, the same quality as Nomad.
And if I transfer the model to a computer, working with this model already loses its pocket charm … and turns into just work in my spare time.
Another reason is that my laptop is thin and has poor cooling…baking normal maps makes the poor guy very hot…and I just want to draw colorful cartoon textures… :innocent:


I tested the new texture baking features in Nomad Sculpt web. It’s just superb! Huge thanks to the NomadSculpt team! Looking forward to the update for HUAWEI App Gallery!


I’m just trying to finish this model. But the desire to add details is stronger than me. (1)


Just a normal baking test. Lowpoly posing. :joy:
Real great thanks to the Nomad’sTeam!
IMG_4z7kfu copy

HighPoly model…

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This is some alien’'s head.

Automatic retopology, and automatic Unvraping.
Lowpoly baked uv model.

Sculpt Screenshots.

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It is chest armor I think.
Nomad Sculpt - Sculpting,auto UVunwrap, baking normals, Decimation object,Render.
Spacedraw - manual retopology object.


Prototyping some alien’s forms… (1)


Another version of the legs.

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Some face…


Vertex Painting…


This is part of my pocket project. (2)


I think I’m temporarily done with this smartphone project for my hot smartphone.
We really need a manual retopology and uvlayout tool…

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This is a stylized janitor from our yard. Lowpoly made in Spacedraw.


I promised my self:
I will create these worms instead of legs by hand to make them look more natural… It’s been a very long way. Here is the result. (2)

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There is some random cyber man…

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