Multi resolution viewport slider

Hi there,

I had one feature to request which is to allow thje option to have the multi resolution slider available in the viewport, so i dont have to open menus to access it. In Zbrush most of us have it on a hotkey to go up or down so its very intuitive, but it slows the process down having to open menus to access it.



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Until something like this is implemented (or not) I find the best way to work in multi-res is to pin the menu open whilst working. It takes up quite a chunk of screen space but does the job. Maybe a future fix could be that the multi-res window is able to be reduced to a single slider bar? I know that Stephane is averse to simply adding things to the UI……to stop Nonad ending up looking like ZBrush :nerd_face:

Yea like you say the current solution means i have to pin the menu which takes a up a lot of space for a small feature. So no change means i have around +30% of the screen hidden.

There are two solutions. Having either an option to have a this slider visible and take up ~5% of the screen or maybe adding some sort of gesture. 4 finger swipe up or down.