(MTCH) - My Sculpts

I sculpted this cute monster following Dave Reed (#drugfreedave) tutorial on Skillshare.


Doraemon - my favourite Robotic Cat!
Sculpted on iPad via Nomad Sculpt (dtd 03 Feb 2024)

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Snoopy the flying ace - looking for his enemy - the Red Baron.
Sculpted on iPad via Nomad Sculpt (dtd 05 Feb 2024)

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One of my childhood cartoon - “Up and Atom, Atom Ant!”.

Sculpted on iPad via Nomad Sculpt (dtd 12 Mar 24)

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I drew the baby illustration eons ago… always thought I should sculpt it and finally I did.

Sculpted on iPad via Nomad Sculpt (dtd 13 Mar 2024)

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Dragon : “is that a McD nugget on the floor?”

Doing a sculpt from a series of tiny monsters I sketched on a rough piece of paper eons back.

Sculpted on my iPad via Nomad Sculpt (dtd 15 Mar 24).


Face sculpting practice on a curved surface. sculpted on iPad via Nomad Sculpt (dtd 11 Mar 2024)

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Sculpted “Luo Xiao Hei” from the movie “The Legend of Hei”. Apparently over the course of the movie, his hair turned to white, so decided to try out both version.

Sculpted on iPad using Nomad Sculpt (dtd 22 Mar 2024).

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The Astroboy (version 1 - dtd Feb 2021) was my every first attempt at digital sculpting (or any sculpting for that matter).

I stopped sculpting for several years and recently, I decided to take another stab at it by re-working the 2021 model. The result is version 2 (dtd Feb 2024). Well, looks like I didn’t improve much in my sculpting skills.

After doing some other sculpts, I decided that I should re-do the Astroboy again and this is version 3. What do you think - any improvement?

Sculpted on iPad using Nomad Sculpt (dtd 24 Mar 2024).

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Title : Octopus Driver. The drawing you see on the right was done around 16 Aug 2021. The idea is that octopus is an intelligent creature and this particular one has decided to take over the mind of the boy and uses him to take him places.

I started sculpting this a while back (can’t remember when I started) but I decided to re-work on it yesterday (07 Apr 2024). I call this “finished” for now.

Sculpted on iPad using Nomad Sculpt (dtd 08 Apr 2024).