Messed up rotation

Hello. I am using Android emulator, where I use Nomad Sculpt, so I use mouse to work. When I use rotation “Turntable” and use both left and right mouse button, it slide camera nicely, but when I use “Trackball” it became rotation mess (it constantly spin)… I there any way how to turn off this two finger roll? I still want that rotation freedom which is in trackball. Thanks for advices.

For finger navigation, the “trackball” mode with the 2-finger roll is quite similar to paint and map apps which I find very intuitive. Most users (probably) use finger nav, in fact it could be considered as the default mode even.

When you use a mouse and want to roll it’s a bit tricky. Camera rotation is in the direction you move your mouse in and it won’t roll much if you go in straight lines. If it still rolls away, or you want to roll on purpose, you can move your mouse in circles in the opposite direction. If it doesn’t work this way and it rolls uncontrollably there might be a technical issue, best post a video of what happens.

A special roll tool that works in both modes (for example default hotkeys ctrl+alt+RMB held together) could make sense not sure

there is video…
Uploading: video1.mp4…