Matcap 360° rotatable?

Can you make Matcap 360° rotatable? The default position of Matcap is usually hard to see, as it is with other software.

Doesn’t PBR support HDRI format files? The already included images seem to have HDR information, so you can turn up the light level, but the JPGs you added yourself will be white in the light.

You have to enable 3 finger rotation in the Environment panel. And then you can swipe with 3 fingers to change the light rotation.
You can also import HDR in .exr format only as I can tell. You can convert the images from HDR to EXR and then just import them.

Thanks, I’ll try the exr format.
Also, the three-finger rotation only works for PBR and not for Matcap.

I used a site that converts to exr and it worked, so I’ll leave you with a report!
I’ve tried two sites and this one seems to maintain the HDR information better:

My use case
First jpg, second conversion site A, third conversion site B (site above)

.hdr format is supported as well.
An excellent resource for free HDR is

I should probably boost the exposure slider, it has already been requested.

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At the moment any HDR file is grayed out and cannot be selected.
If the .HDR format will support it, I’m happy. I’m about to convert a bunch of them now :slight_smile:

I get the grayed out HDR file as well and can’t be selected.

Oh that’s interesting I can open hdr on my iPad Air.

Although this is not the expected way you can also drop the hdr in the Nomad/environnements folder (on the next release though, for now the folder is hidden).

I’ll try to see about the .hdr issue, it’s weird.

Okay, I’ll wait for an update then. By the way, I’m using a large Ipad Pro.
What do you think about the Matcap rotation?

I’m a bit skeptical as I don’t think they are really meant to be rotated (because the only thing you can do with them is a “roll”).
But maybe in that case it’s better than nothing, and it would be consistent with the 3 fingers environment rotate.


MatCaps can’t really be rotated. It’s painted information to simulate lighting.

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Sculptura has a slider where it “rotate” them (slider above the matcaps), but It’s a bit weird so not sure if it’s a good idea.


Ah, just now checked. It’s just rotating in the Z axis, not actually doing a real 360 rotation. I don’t know how useful that is, because again, the nature of a MatCap is to simulate lighting by a 2d image. I actually make quite a few of them myself. Here’s an old post showing how I used an existing photograph and extracted lighting information from it:

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Fire up Procreate, have both windows side by side, and experiment away with your own custom MatCaps! :wink:


Forger example.
I make and download a lot of matcaps, but it’s always better to be able to tilt them a little bit to see the fine details rather than having the light fixed in front of you or above you.
Of course, it’s better to be able to tilt the light in any position you like, not only for production, but also for the appearance of the finished product.

If it is possible, I would be happy to have the option to rotate it as well as the PBR.

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The reason some software has that feature is probably because they’re all good for checking fine detail if you tilt the light. I used to do that with Forger.
I’m currently building in PBR, but I’d like to use this software forever, so please add this feature as well. :art:

Good to hear that exposure is going to be able to be driven higher. I find that with some rough materials that even with the exposure turned way up on an outdoor HDR it’s kind of lacking contrast.

I do like how some apps let you rotate a matcap. It’s really just a 2D rotation, but it’s effective for checking out model details and such. There are a few matcaps people have made that are like grid and line patterns that are helpful for checking surface continuity/smoothness, and the ability to rotate them like that is essential for their function.


It would be nice to have a toon shader-like thing in addition to the rotation of Matcap. The outline we have now is just the outline, but it would also show up in the height.

This is my own toon-like Matcap.

For the next release, it will be possible to rotate matcap with 3 fingers drag (like the environment).


That’s awesome! I had to make 7 variations of the same toon/ink matcap I use just to change the lights in my art!