Masking a group for posing

I’m using nomad to illustrate a children’s book I’m working on.

It would be helpful if I could select a group node and be able to mask for posing, across all the objects in the group.

I have a character with clothing, shoes, hair, etc. It’s convenient to keep these items as separate objecs.

When it’s time to pose the character I join the objects, mask, and pose. When I separate them back out I lose the original object names. I haven’t tried, but I imagine it also loses nested groups and materials.

If the joining and separating of a group was automated for masking and posing it would be a huge time saver.

Thanks for all the work you’re doing on nomad. It’s a major help for me on this project.

Why don’t you use the parent/child connection in the hierarchy ? This way all object parts can be posed and you can even sculpt symmetrically in the pose.

and see this video from :

I did it that way on the robot, and it was very useful, but for the organic characters I didn’t want to break the limbs into objects so I could avoid seams.

I guess I could do it with my organic characters and then fix the seams after rendering in an image editor. That might be less time consuming than joining and separating objects all the time. I’ll do some experimenting to see which is faster for me.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Yes, this feature would be very helpful for posing characters. There should also be a hierarchy structures for masks within an object, so that we don’t have to mask a part every time we need to pose it.