Mask Top Menu extract button

It would be great if the Mask Top menu also got an extract button in the new version.


But what about carve & split & shell thickness and so on ……where to stop?

Yes, difficult to answer. I would still only be happy about an EXTRACT button without other settings. But Stephane may find some way to pack more functions into this top menu to save space - for example, with the Tube Tool it also works very well, and there are also many options…

A unification of the interface to have those contextual menus would be great……just seems like a lot of work for Stephane when he’s trying to add new functions.

I think if Stephane can nail real-time extraction thickness slider that would be perfect addition to contextual menu

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Also it’d be good to have customisable ‘Snap Thickness’ option (same as snap rotation on gizmo)

User could have preferred preset increments e.g. 0.05 so that it is quicker and easier to adjust to similar values without having to type in amount each time