Lock view rotation to scene Not selected object, & remove rotate limit

Possible to keep view centered to the scene. Instead of swapping to the selected object?

Edit: also possible to remove the rotation limit? I sometimes would like to look at parts of my model upside down for a better or different view.

Tap on view cube….
Tap again :wink:

Then having to do that plus re-zooming in every time you select a different object… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

You joined in November, so you should know most view options.
But one never knows, or I am misunderstanding your request.
Here some options:

  • long press on orientation cube to lock rotation (two finger for pan&zoom)
  • tap on orientation cube to zoom on selected / tap again to zoom on scene
  • in camera view choose “add view” to store actual camera including reference image and it’s transformation
  • Beta 1.66 tap on camera symbol and tiny floating menu opens on screen to step through stored views. Same when tapping on camera symbol if camera icons are checked to be visible.

Here’s tiny video


It focus on the object only if tap twice.
If you are talking about pivot changes in the viewport, there are lot of options that you can disable in the camera menu.

View Rotation: put two objects on opposite sides of the screen, but maintain the viewports rotation in the center of them, no matter what’s selected. (OR, lock scene rotation around a specific object no matter what’s selected.)
I’ve tried adding a camera, but this doesn’t seem to be an option with them either.

example: lock camera rotation on creature, even when top and bottom items are selected.

Rotation limit: sorry, didn’t explain it right I think; trackball options always go wild when I try using them and end up at odd angles.

As is, turntable allows all rotation EXCEPT over and under the model. If you try, rotation stops and you have to rotate around the model to see the other side of it.
I’m guessing this to make it easy to maintain which way is “up and down” and prevents scenes from being viewed upside down , but makes it difficult to focus on the top and bottom as easily or find the right angels to see some parts. (Basically just wondering if there’s an option to remove that rotation limit, or see if it could be added.)

Example, the hard “stop” that prevents rotation over the model to turn it upside down.

Ah, understood.
I guess, trackball is confusing due to no limits.

There are plenty of options to adjust camera behaviour, most of them I never touched, as I am not missing anything.
Sure, I was surprised of rotation limit first time, but I am used to it now.

Over all, there are so many options already.
But now it is clear what you are after.