Little Nemo

My first Nomad artwork, it’s Nemo from an old Nintendo game.

Procreate was used to paint the background and the textures on the characters. I’m not sure if that was actually beneficial in any way, I had to decimate the models for the uv wrap and lost details doing that, maybe I missed something regarding the workflow?

Love the app, seems to have just the right combination of features and ease of use. Only thing I struggled with a bit was layer management and combining shapes.


I’ve managed to get some high UV Unwraps comparatively, can definitely aim a lot higher than 100K, 200-300K can fit in the detail you need - can still go higher but probably won’t need to.

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I got one yesterday that was 2.4 million. Took a while to create in nomad and load into procreate tho :grimacing:

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I’ve done just over a million successfully, definitely can be pushed pretty high!