Light lines

Didn’t know if this would be best under asking for help or feature request. Since it’s probably something I’m missing, Help seemed more suitable.

Over the previous few iterations of Nomad, there’s a greyed line that goes from the light to the center of the object or the scene center. Sure, it can assist in finding the lights sometimes in a more chaotic scene, but what are the other benefits to it, etc. Also, there can be 2-3 sets of these lines going to different points (the others are much smaller). Do those have a specific purpose? I don’t know much about lighting, so these could be quite useful if I knew what they are…lol.

My main question is can I turn them off? It’s not that intrusive, nor is it all that bad to have them there, but I sometimes add in some preliminary lights a bit early and turn them on and off while sculpting but those lines remain. I’ve looked, but if the option is there to remove them, I seem to be missing it (yes, the Light Icons can be turned on and off but not the lines). Or, would it be possible to turn them off when I toggle the lights off?

It has nothing to do with lights, it’s the hierarchy lines (disabled by default).
The line icon in the scene view (or checkbox in the scene menu settings).

Sorry, I’m not too bright most days…lol. Thank you. Makes sense now. Guess I only ever really paid attention to them when they were grouped with lights because the lines were so visible. The other groups should have clued me in, but they aren’t usually done until later. I’ll go sit in the corner now.