Lazy rope vs stroke smoothing

Sooo, I accidentally activated stroke smoothing instead of lazy rope. And well, I have been missing out!

Stroke smoothing is so much easier to control then lazy rope. Anyone who hasn’t used should take a look. It has taken my sculpting to another level.

Thanks nomad team!!

Both have it‘s use.
There is a trap with lazy rope. Do you see the rubber band connecting pencil tip and executed brush stroke? If not it‘s very abstract.
Here is the tick (show rope stabiliser) which was accidentally not activated here.

I have no idea how this had happened, again. It was same already a year ago when I started a bug report. This tick could be eliminated imho as it is confusing only and far away UI wise to really find it easily. Better said: You will not find it without knowing it‘s there.

While smoothing is good for most cases, lazy rope is giving very precise control……if you see the rubber band….