Pressure smoothing is amazing, thanks!

Just tried out the pressure smoothing feature. It makes pressure radius/intensity so much more usable IMO.



Indeed! Works nicely :clap:

Just pressure on size :smiley:

Some strange behaviour though:
On a plane, I experience some stuttering. It gets visible when drawing circle is switch on. As far as I tried, no problem like that on bended surfaces.

The very first contact is always on more pressure. A line starts with a bigger dot. Most visible on a plane. No problems like this with other apps.

Hello, in which settings can you find this ?
Can you make a screenshot where the things are to set ? English is not my native language, and some things are hard to translate…
Thanks !

So far I only discovered this glitch on a plane. On a sphere it works nicely. Don’t know if it was there before?

Take a look.

You see the red circle blip three times beneath pencil tip. Those blips can be seen on stroke as irregularities as well later.

The option is simply “stroke smoothing” in the stroke menu, it’s not new though (only the fact that pressure is smoothed as well).

What tool? (clay/brush)
What are the stroke option (accumulate, spacing, etc)?

This time I switched to Matcap, switched off smoothing and no post process.

Fine on sphere, but issues at stroke end on plane ?

Maybe it’s just my device? But this wouldn’t explain why I don’t have any issues on other apps, even on other objects inside Nomad?

Ok I managed to reproduce the bug.

Did you have “accumulate stroke” turned off?

Yes. It was off.

That’s likely the cause.

Ok actually it was actually something else.
The issue is the picking itself, sometimes it fails and go through the plane.

With accumulate on, it’s less visible because it picks on the modified surface (which tends to not be planar anymore, I guess it helps a little).

It also explains why sometimes it moves the camera instead of actually starts sculpting on it if the first hit fails (which is very annoying).

I’ll try to fix (could be tricky, the root of the issue is probably the very small triangles causing numerical precision errors)

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accumulate on plus front facing vertex only eliminates the bug to 99,5%

Yes but’s it’s obviously not a fix :stuck_out_tongue:

I found the real issue, it’s not the ray-intersection code but the acceleration structure (the thing that make picking fast).

Actually you can notice if you launch the app the first stroke won’t have any issues.
It’s only after the second one that you will notice issues (even if you undo the first).

What’s interesting is that you can also see the second stroke is much much slower than the first one (if I subdivide to 4M, and kind of fill a big area with one stroke, the second one is almost unable).
Hopefully I can hit one bird with 2 stones, and fix the picking and the performance.

I noticed that but it seems iOS really return a big value for the first contact.
I’m not sure how to fix it…
Also I tweaked the way smoothing works (switching to moving average instead of exponential moving average).
And more importantly, the first smoothing values were a bit off since it gave too much weights on the first value, especially with high stroke smoothing value (which made things for the iOS first pressure value).
In the end it should be a bit better but the first pressure issue will probably be there again.
Using the lazy rope stabilizer should definitely help though, because you can move the pencil without sculpting, which let the averaging do its work.

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Exactly. Every stroke is getting slower and slower…

The clay tool shows this, but brush seems to be perfect.