Elastic band for lazy mouse


not sure if this is a feature request or bug. however i use use the lazy mouse function ( smoothing of stroke) and generally set the distance further out. i do alot of hard surface work so requires steady painting.

i noticed however i cant see the elastic band, so when pulling away i loose track of the start point and start curving. Could we have a visual representation of the band? that way i always have a clear view of the stroke path at all times.



Are you talking about “dragging distance” or “stroke smoothing”?
Not sure what elastic band means. A small line between the 2 last sculpting operations?

Note that you can display the circle while sculpting (checkbox in settings), but I don’t think it will be very helpful in your case

I guess the request is about a visualisation of the distance in “stroke distance”
Just to make it more predictable.
Affinity Rope stabiliser:

This is a visualisation of “distance” in Nomad, indicating when exactly the pen move is going to execute an action.

There is another common method represented by a circle.
As long, as the pen is moving inside the circle, nothing is executed.
It represents the range used for smoothing as well, I guess.

A third method is called “rubber band” in some apps. With this function, the pencil stroke is always executed, but the faster one moves, the longer the rubber band is stretched for smoothing. If one stops the pencil, the rubber band squashes again till stroke is beneath pencil. That is “stroke smoothing” in Nomad. A rubber band visualisation is unnecessary imho.

Thanks, very informative!

The 2 first methods are similar to the « dragging distance » then.
The circle+line is easy to do but I really like this elastic thing.
I would be tempted to do the elastic physic stuff although I should prefer focus on other thing :slight_smile:


Easiest implementation would be a (optional) second circle representing “dragging distance” diameter in a different color than brush size.
I have to agree that it’s a bit unpredictable in the moment.
Even though I knew those functions from other apps, it took time to check what’s going on. Precise Hardsurface modelling would benefit quite a lot.

yeah exactly its the visualization of the pulling, the line connecting start to end. i think anything that helps us keep an eye on the start point and end point and the path, that would solve it. right now it works but you really have to pay attention or you can start gliding off the path.

In the end I went for the rope.


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You totally rock! Saw it on Instagram already.

omg perfect!. Merci!.

When will this be out?

Looks like it’s already available on iOS.

Yeah- works like a Charme.