Lathe tool feature

Just saw the insta post about lathe tool. Super cool! and just got an idea about it.

It would be an amazing base mesh creation tool if you can drag a linear line instead of a curve and apply the lathe function on that line to make a cylinder.

The New mesh balloon brush in zbrush is a game changer and i think anything close to this would be crazy good.

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I was thinking about a “free orientation lathe” where the 2 end points would define the revolving axis.
Right now the axis is fixed on the middle of the screen.
I’m not sure if it would feel right, I’ll need to experiment.

Is the “mesh from mask” really that helpful?
I don’t have ZBrush and I’m not an artist so I was just wondering how helpful that would be.

But I like the idea of “mesh from shape” better than ZBrush as I could re-use and improve the shape selector tools (lasso, ellipse, polygon, etc).

I talked about it here:

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Cool stuff to have lathe.
Is the path editable after object is created for fine tuning?
To reshape path only with move and pinch brush I.e.

Or a real path mode like we discussed before with edge and smooth options.

Anyway, a great addition.

This balloon mesh generation is not bad. But I need to play with zBrush version. My problem is just…I am ongoing working with Nomad :pleading_face: :grinning:

I just signed up for this forum to respond to this.
First thank you for working on a lathe tool. This is actually something ZBrush could use. While I hope there are straight line tools, so long as I can accurately trace a reference image I will be happy.
Secondly I think there is a need for a sketch modeler that uses the polygon, square, circle and lasso tool instead of a ZBrush 2021.6 balloon mask tool. The Triplanar primative can do some of this, but it is inconvenient. The ability to draw a shape with the lasso tool to create a mesh whose thickness is controlled by a slider would be very helpful. The ability to control the softness of the mesh with a slider to create balloon like shapes would also be very helpful. The idea would be like shown in the ZBrush 2021.6 demo. Quickly sketch organic shapes like torso, head, limbs, and them position these balloons using the gizmo. The ability to also have hard edged shapes would help with hard surface modeling. I believe 3DCoat has these tools. Thanks!

Mesh from mask is another awesome feature that was added and i think is another game changer. Anything that speeds up the process of creating the exact shape instantly especially when your in the concept exploration stage. This is also why i think i gravitate to nomad when im just doodling because i can be anywhere just experimenting and not really worried about how tight it looks.

the depth thing in zbrush is controlled by the first point you touch on the mesh , if you hold shift it will create it in the middle of the axis plane. if you do accidentally start your masking on an empty space it projects it super far from the center and many people will perceive it as broken like i did the first time i tried it.

Not yet but it’s doable, not sure if i’ll do it for this release though.

Yes I’ll improve it somedays, it’s planned.
I was waiting for more tools to make use of these shape selector… so maybe after the balloon thing (if I do it).


Wouldn’t that balloon thing be duplicating planar sorting? I watch the video and although it looks nice, I only see the tri-planar system. I don’t see what more the balloon tool would add. by control the lathe tool that would be wonderful. I also saw in the comments here that one would look like tools on the polygons (unless it is google translation which misinterpreted lol) me I dream of tools like the zmodeler I love too much start with low poly and then subdivide in gradually. ok we can do it now but we can’t extrude a face, make a bevel and especially add segments to have very precise and controllable edges. here it is

It’s not using the triplanar (voxel).
Balloon would use the voxel remesher and you are not constrained to a symmetrical thing.

I’m already receiving lot of request for low poly modeling tool but that’d easier said than done. It’s like asking for a complete UV+pbr texturing workflow in Nomad.