Is there an sdk acces on nomadsculpt

Hello, i have asked on Facebook to Exoside if they plan to make a ios android version of quadremesher to work with nomadsculpt an addon or a app maybe, they ask me if Nomadsculpt have sdk acces. Best regards

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It’s not possible to have a plugin system that can runs native code in iOS.

Something possible is to load and run a javascript code, but it’s against Apple policy to run external code (native or not). Not to mention you need to compile the c++ to asm.js which is very probably something that exoside won’t do.

The only way is to do it the other way around:

  • exoside make an iOS framework
  • I integrate it
  • somehow the framework should handle its own licensing management internally

Actually I am not even sure if Apple allows that (QuadRemesh couldn’t be bought from Apple processing payement)


Ah ok thanks for the details Stephomi

On this subject ZRemesher with Nomad?

(the current solution would be the “other way around” solution that I explained previously)

Merci Stephomi pour ton retour.