Is there a way to quickly copy the first tube profile to all the points on the tube?

Quite often I create a tube with a single profile active. I adjust the profile how I want. I move the points of the tube around where I need them . Later I realise that some part of the tube needs a slightly different profile. When I activate the multiple profiles option all the profiles except the first one default to the square shape. I then have to carefully adjust every profile to try and match the first. On a long tube with many points this is time consuming.
Is there a way to automatically copy the first profile to all the other points?
If not, it would be good if there was a quick way to do it. Thanks

Unfortunately there is no copy to all nodes option.
From version 1.90 it is possible to use Copy / Paste with a long press on the profile.
Otherwise it helps to plan in advance - create tube with only 2 points and copy the profile IMMEDIATELY to the second profile - then all new nodes are created with the profile.

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Thanks, that’s great. Time to watch another of your nomad update tutorials!