Is it posible to implement a Play history?

When I started to sculpt my current character my idea was to record the whole process, but after many hours of works I decided to just stop recording because every session was getting way to long.

I went back many steps many time to redo some things or to just do something with a different aproach.

Also many times I was interupted and forgot to hit pause, etc so I just stopped recording the rest.

Today I was looking at my huge history and thoughts it would be awesome to be able to play the history and record that, because it just has the steps that I actually ended up being part of the model.

I don’t know I just thought about it and decided to share the idea, just in case.

Undo : 2 Finger tap + hold → plays history back
Redo: 3 Finger Tap + hold → redo playback history

It also works in turntable view.


Wow! Interesting I am going to check it out. Thank you

…So maybe a history play button wouldn’t be to crazy. I am going to take a look now

Ok I tried it, is kind of scary to see so many steps go back at once, but, It doesn’t go all the way, it does go back many steps but it stops, it kinds of go in batches.
It goes back a few steps back then stops then I need to do the same thing again to go further, then after a few it stops and so on.
So I still think a Play button, if possible, would be great.

In turn table is super cool, so to just be able to let it play on it’s own would be amazing

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Today I tried to record the history from the root beginning to the end. Around 1000 steps.
The result is not very smooth since it goes by batches, so you need to do the tapping to many times.
Which in turntable mod it inevitably ends up decentering the object or character.
So if adding a play button to the history is possible I really think it would be an awesome addition.

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