iPad 6th gen (2018) for Nomad?

Do anybody use Nomad on basic 6th Ipad with apple pencil? How does it feel?
May I consider buying it, or should I choose something more fresh?

Hi. I was using that iPad model with Nomad for quite a while. The pencil works fine, and the iPad is fast enough, but the biggest problem is lack of ram. There are some workarounds to save on polygons but there is no substitute for an iPad Pro. All of the projects I have put on this site so far were done on the sixth gen iPad, though I have just purchased a 2020 large iPad Pro just to use Nomad and some high-end music apps.
If you get a pro the old Apple Pencil won’t work with them and you need to buy a new one.
Hope this is some help.

Thank You! This is exactly what I needed to know.

Hi again. I have been using this iPad Pro 2020 for two days now with Nomad.it’s a different “Ball game’’ I haven’t had much time so far, but if you can afford it get the 6 gig memory model. No comparison to anything else.

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I use the 6th gen iPad, and get some crashing, but it’s entirely manageable. Honestly, it forces me to focus on lower poly counts and dyntopo.

That doesn’t mean I don’t list after the iPad Pro, but I can’t really justify the cost at the moment.

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