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Sharing some of my morning reading & news catch up before school runs and work today. This article was particularly bit of a mind blow.

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And what with the newest iPhones already having lidar scanners and apps, it won’t be long before anyone can make a 3d copy of anything.
It still requires artistry to create new things though.

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For the most part, yes. There have been leaps in AI ability to produce creative work, Google’s DeepMind project has compiled some pretty tasteful art.

Cleverness is one thing, but It’s hard to imagine an AI coming up with something more relevant and meaningful artistically with an emotional connection than another human can.
The same goes for music.

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Hard to imagine now, yes but AI advancement is particularly frightening. Future iterations of the technology will definitely have more significant capability matching our own thought processes. Social media over the past decade has taught a lot to AI engineers and software about how we express ourselves emotionally, metaphorically and generally a lot about the human psyche.

Yeah, but it’s still all algorithms at the end of the day, and that’s not how organic brains work or create.
In fact, how human brains create is a total mystery, and that’s why it can’t be replicated.
So AI stuff may be impressive but will always lack something.

Next 50 years or so I’d pave a personal estimate before we’ll see AI cognitively matching us pound for pound. Interestingly I’ll try and pull up an article I found awhile back where an AI neural network was built and modelled off of the organic thought processes of Mice, and was surprisingly capable at doing set tasks asked of it within its operating capability. Human brains are very complex yes, but surprising amount is learnt off of smaller mammalian brains which can be translated over to us. It’s why we can create remote controlled mice - and insects, for that matter. Creepy.