A.I. Art generator

Came across a cool app that generates images using AI called Wombo Dream, really handy for generating interesting forms that can inspire your work…


Thanks. That looks really interesting!:+1:t2:

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Looking good!

This is way better than waiting for the clouds to generate some interesting forms…lol. Plus some of the color combinations I’m getting are awesome.

That’s exactly what I thought. Such nice colors! It’s really clever done. Super nice color scheme and forms always not close enough to be recognise able. Fantasy is filling this gap much more beautiful a machine would have ever done.

Nice find, really like the colors indeed!

Woah, this is terrible for inspiration.

False friends? Terrible? :vulcan_salute:

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Ah yes damn terrible does not mean the same thing in French as in English and Steph had already given me a lesson on it lol. Terrible for me it means “Awesome”


I’d say it’s terrifying how awesome some of the stuff is, the machines will be replacing concept artists soon enough… :pleading_face:

That’s so good. I’ve tried a bunch of AI based art generators but this one is outstanding. Thanks for the share!

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Wow, thanks for share, it’s very interesting.

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It’s coming closer and closer, like the dark side of the force. Till then, let’s use it for our benefit!
Sporky already showed one of his terrific :grinning: head sculpts. This guy is insane. If God will need some holiday and is tired of all the evolutionary design process, Sporky can step in saying: “Get your holiday man, I’ve concepts for next decade in my shelf :laughing: :vulcan_salute:

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I’ll still use my brain and the weird things that pop in my head for ideas, but this has given a boost of inspiration.

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wow… this is unexpectedly good; close to usable!

Holy… this is cool. I just spent like 2 hours playing with this

They already have… https://www.artbreeder.com/

Tried out Midjourney today, still in Beta with limited free generations in the trial version - $10 per month for 200 or $30 per month for unlimited. some crazy results coming out of it.

Prompt phrase: female alien astronaut in the style of H.R. Giger…

left - what the AI did in a couple of minutes.
right - after a couple of hours in Photoshop

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What I saw from Dall-e2 is breathtaking and frightening at same time. Didn’t know about midjourney till today.
That is looking promising but subscription.

Still good to see that your work could win over AI quality.
Some Dall-e 2 stuff is looking very very hard to beat.

What is the results resolution?