Insert mesh enhancements

I think some of this is already planned or has already been discussed, but I can’t seem to find it.

  • Tool options for insertion point snapping: right now it snaps the center point of the inserted mesh to wherever the insert point collided with another mesh (if it did). It might be nice to be able to have the edge of the inserted mesh placed at the insertion point instead (like you fired the mesh at it and it stuck where it hit). In this case, the new object’s pivot should probably be placed at the insertion point to start.
  • Normal stroke options for mesh insertion (dot/stamp/spacing/etc) to allow for drawing a series of meshes along a surface or placing and adjusting the size/rotation by dragging. Though, it seems like this might need to insert lower-resolution meshes by default, as I could see polycounts going too high too fast. Options for alignment of the inserted mesh (especially relative to the normal of the surface at the insertion point) would be useful too (this would probably need a new UI element, though)
  • Auto-voxel-merging meshes (or an option to do so, at least) added in a single stroke with the previous option would be nice.

Anyway, just dreaming a little.

The one I would like to add to that is the insertion of custom meshes either from within the current scene or maybe selected from files. The stroke option combined with custom meshes would almost replicate the IMM brushes in ZBrush.


Transform tool → snap + clone

As for the whole insert stuffs, I prefer to wait for the scene hierarchy to be done. Because I feel like stroke insert should be done with instancing, at least by default.


Instancing is something I’ve already requested - awesome to know it’s on your radar :+1:t2:

Inserting primitives has some nice ideas in blender 2.92.
Search downwards for „beyond primitive“ that looks very smart, very Nomad to me.