💡Ideas for training

Hello, that the discord group I proposed a kind of little game that we can do in order to train and help each other by creating quick mini projects, the goal being to draw inspiration from everyone’s techniques . There are no rules, just suggesting a quick and simple thing to do but which forces us to find techniques on our own. I suggested at the start 1 - old wooden door 2 - coffee bean(s) 3 - rose(s) @procreatefx suggested a wooden barrel and a bug. Well, there is no competition, just fun.
Discord channel Discord

here are some examples.

grains de café.nom (2.1 MB)
tonneau.nom (b2.0 MB)

rose seule.nom (4.3 MB)



Wish this browser would let me back into discord again. They always had some fun little challenges. Looks like an interesting way to learn more.

I know, get the app. But I was too lazy. Was nice when I could just hit the tab while browsing everything else online.

Hmm, I only use discord via browser on my desktop machine, works fine. I know a couple of people who had similar experiences to you, from memory they’d accidentally made multiple accounts on discord, or had issues verifying email. In the end it was easier to just clear all cookies and settings for discord, login clean with either a new burner email or linking it to a social media account.

It’s worth trying again, it’s a nice crowd!

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I think it’s a great idea, but I’m not on discord (maybe I should).
For the barrel example I tried something similar but get lost with instances and pivots.

I make this with dynotopo and stamp essentially.

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Update lol