I am obsessed. I cant stop 3Ding

I still have a long way to go, but iI loving all the new changes to the app.


Not everyone has a chance to comment, but I like this a lot, keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you so much. I appreciate the encouragement and you taking time to comment. I cant stop. I am creating a new model every two / three days.

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My new sculpt.


Lovely stuff!

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Thank you.

whouahou really cool work

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One more to add. Maybe too many lights.


Hahahaa! What delightful character designs! You have really found a media to express your work! :smiley: Superb!

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Bless you for your kind words. I have thousands of characters that I have illustrated over the years and now I starting to feel confident with Nomad, I will never be bored.

Here is my latest character.


Hahaha!! The little face on the pencil is slaying me :slight_smile: Terrific work!

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Thank you, I like him too.