My practice with nomad (keep updating)

I started play with nomad about 1 month ago and I found it so interesting and easy to use!
I use it on my ipad and it is quicker for setting up compare with other 3D modeling software on computer, it is very important for my passion and very motivated!
Also I love the rendering system! It creates such a nice environment and lighting! I am able to make my work really cute and have bright colors.

Love this app and I will keep using it.

Here’s my practice history, I will keep updating it!

This was my first work, I was learning how to use different tools… I think it was a nice start.


Then made a cat, he has a very special character with a sour face.
Actually, he is thinking ‘Junk’.
The animation style background is also made by me hahaha.

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For the third work, I want to challenge myself a little bit, so I made a little fashion girl with jellyfish. I was also exploring different renderings…


Last week I spent more than 24 hours on nomad and here’s what I made.

I love this little character, and his little pet on the shoulder.



That’s a cute couple. Well done.

Thank you!!:partying_face:

I’m loving this style makes me want to have a go at it too, keep it up