How to make debossed and embossed Text

Hi I’m loving the app, hopefully will be using it to make models for printing.
The stuff I plan on making is jewellery and coins, part of which I want to have text on them.
Looking through things I’m unsure on how best to to do this
Am I best in making a brush for the text?

Hi eeyore

There is no type tool.

So your 2 options both using a mask:
1 use a mask and ‘paint’ your text on by hand
Or 2 create an alpha brush and ‘stamp’ your mask text on.

In both options you will need a high resolution mesh to get good quality.

You can then cut the text out of the mesh, cut it, trim, whatever.

Me personally… id go the alpha route … more control that way

All the best

Cheers, I’ve got Procreate and a few other apps to make them in so will have a good play around

No worries :+1:

You can also use Text to STL and then import the file - add to Scene.


Free online Vectary has a big font selection. But it’s a bit unusual to use. More cad cam like.

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