How to make a “Normal”, realistic wire on a sphere?

I want to have a realistic wire like in #2 and not #1.
I need to practice drawing so It does not have to be wire, but a material or something like in 3 or 4.

load a ‘UV Sphere’ from the primitive menu

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Thanks!!! Also do you know how should I do something like on 4? Is it a material? Don’t know how to google it :sweat_smile:

that looks like a texture/material it would take a very steady hand. you could try painting with radial symmetry turned on and use the wireframe as a guide (radial symmetry will cover more area without you having to rotate the sphere and be much quicker) :wink:

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You could also try snapping it onto side view, and highlighting the verts in rows with the SelMask > rectangle tool if you’re using a UV sphere, the topology is in even rows so it might save time

I’d end up doing it the long way if you are looking for an actual 3 dimensional wire sphere.

As was stated above, start by importing the UV Sphere from the Scene Menu.

Before Validating it, go to the next tab over and bring down the Division X under UV Sphere - Topology. Could be good to have the wireframe on to see what’s going on.

Then create a torus one by one to match the lines on the UV Sphere wireframe.

It’s not the easy way, but the end result should be pretty nice.

Happy accident with UV sphere, rectangle masking & extract:


@knacki I keep seeing cars going around those tracks at the same speed and waiting for them to all line up after a few turns…lol.

That’s probably a lot closer to what he was asking for than my tired brain was thinking at the time…lol.

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You made real art! Cool and very clean wires!