How the heck do I remove that damn red circle?

Hello nomads.
This is a very simple thing I know, but how the heck do I get rid of the bloody red circle? I’m trying to do a screen record, and the red circle pops up when I take my finger off the screen.
I’m embarassed to ask this, but I can’t some way to hide it

Is this it?

Yeah I’ve unchecked that box. It just hides the circle while I’m actually manipulating. I lift my finger it returns…

What the hell do you wanna do without this bloody red circle? :joy:

If you want to do some live sculpting, I have no solution.
If you just want to rotate, zoom while screen recording, use the camera symbol from brush menu. This will give you a clear view together with minimise menu.

Yes. I want to do a screen recording and the red circle bugs the poop out of me. I have a solution: I’ll do something else entirely.

You can select the View tool.

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That does work, but then I’m unable to do any sculpting etc.