How can i create better reflections with nomad?

So let’s say I have a project That needed a little more robust reflection than SSR , Is there a way to have some more robust reflection?

Increase the metal channel, lower the roughness - pretty much the most you’ll get out of it with SSR enabled, which will be mirror-like.

I need the mirror effect, like the model in front of a mirror reflecting

You can make a mirror with a plane, paint it white, no roughness, maximum metal, SSR & refractive material & two-sided. I just made a test one in my scene - reflection isn’t perfect quality, but it’s definitely a mirror.

Not possible

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I think I’ll have to copy the entire model and recreate it as if it were reflecting, thanks anyway

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Ok thanks anyway

As John said, switch reflection (SSR) on in post processing.

That’s what I get. Simply painted plane in white, with roughness to 0 and metallnes at full. Opaque standard settings material.
I tried all other settings and materials I guess, but nothing is better than this.
I also thought that missing reflective part could be shown with inverse culling on sphere or cube, but no differences.

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