Higher resolution HDRI and EXR format support

Hello there! Everytime I download HDRI at higher resolution even in OpenEXR format, Nomad always resize it to 1K (1024×512 pixels) and converts it .hdr format. According to me, 1K HDRI has a drawback that is as you decrease the field of view, you are basically zooming the camera and the HDRI will get more pixelated and blurry. But can Nomad have an update that supports HDRI up to 8K (8192×4096 pixels) for the highest detail possible even when zoomed to 10° field of view. And also please add support for OpenEXR for mat and of its advantages over .hdr format is that it uses true 32-bit lossless RGBA channel to provide highest colour, quality, and detail with minimal quality loss. If you go below 2K HDRI, you might start to see blurry shadows because in the next update enviromental lighting would be added to Nomad and we don’t want to see those blurry shadows. The formula for working out how much memory an image will use is: (((bit_depthnumber_of_channelsx_res*y_res)/8)/1024)/1024 to get it in megabytes. Based on the results, a 24K and 16K EXR HDRI would take around 4.6 GB and 2 GB of RAM respectively which is too big for current smartphones to handle while 8K EXR HDRI would take around 512 MB of RAM which is already enough for modern smartphones to handle.