Hide Masked not updating on Air 4

Air 4, latest iOS release.

  • Paint a mask
  • Enable Hide Masked on the bottom toolbar
  • Paint more into the mask
  • The newly painted areas are not hidden

Not a big deal to double tape Hide Masked, but I don’t think this is intended from looking at YouTube videos of the same process.

Same here on iPad Pro 10.5”
But isn’t that an advantage?
Now you have two options.
Hide masked area and still use masking for work on partially hidden mesh.
If you want to update, just double tap “hide mask”

For me, it is a feature, not a bug, isn’t it?

I guess both could be useful in different situations, I just saw a different function in a video from a few months back so thought I’d report in case it’s not intended.

It’s not bug, it’s the expected behavior.

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