Hi, quad remesher work now?

Hello forum, I want to buy, quad remesher does it work ok??

The new Testflight beta has the button to purchase but I’m not sure if it is working, I want to buy too. Anyone purchased?

Absolute fantastic !


yes) everything works fine) only the money was not withdrawn from the account

Ohhhh great! :smiley:

Great :slight_smile:


So we automatically have it?? I don’t see an update on the normal app… is it still only in TestFlight?

Oh is this only in TestFlight?

Yes, you have to wait for the update - and IOS only.


nice example! it’s a game changer with Nomad :muscle:t3:


Aw. Do you know when this will be out? Got. An insider idea? :eyes::eyes:

Sorry, no.

Ohhhhh boy, can´t wait for the release.
Buying day one.

it’s been a whole week and this double halo 3D structure genuinely fascinates me because I can’t figure out how you managed to merge it that way :sweat_smile: I suppose the tube tool is involved yet do you mind sharing the procress, please?

Like this:


Waaaha ! Ok now I totally get why I couldn’t get it done with my current version of Nomad lol. Thank you for your time man, I truly appreciate. Really fascinating… it unlocks doors to so many possibilities. Excellent !

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Holy, thanks for the video. I had no idea boolean can merge two objs cleanly like that. And polygroups combined with quad remesh is brilliant.