Hardware options

I am wondering whats the minimum hardware option anyone would suggest? I am working with 12.9 iPad Pro but I want to get a couple more tablets for my kids and don’t want to spend a bunch on those. I want them to have access to nomad, shapr3d and procreate.


I started with an iPad Pro 9,7” 2GB Ram.
Ram was a prob in available layer and resolution. in painting apps. Procreate was quite stable but Infinite Painter got into trouble. Multitasking enjoys more Ram as well.
iPad Air 2020, or iPad Pro starting from 10,5”.

I am still on 10,5” and I am quite happy. I guess it’s almost same specs like iPad Air 2020

As it is quite an invest, maybe iPad Air 2019 with 3GB Ram could work as well. But I have no direct experience with both air.

If you are on Windows Desktop, I would recommend File Browser App as well. It works flawless and very fast with all network Win Desktops HD and clouds etc. And it is fast as you are really connected via WLAN to Desktop HD, not internet.
Maybe an option to go for 64GB only? 256GB is very cool though.

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