Half a year has passed since the last update. Why hasn't the new version come yet?

Half a year has passed since the last update. Why hasn’t the new version come yet?

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“Patience you must have, my young padawan.” – Yoda


An Autodesk user have to wait one year to get a paid update with less new functions we got in-between with Nomad. You could use Mudbox to learn what real stagnation is looking like.

Stéphane, the one and only developer of Nomad is doing all.
Programming, documentation, admin of all social media crap like answering your question. Beside that, he is offering a free and open to anyone WEBDEMO where you can play with all new functions and give constructive feedback. Last update is from 19th of may. Further more he is listing all major changes in CHANGE LOG

Beside that, he is cleaning up a lot of things he couldn’t while he was publishing one update after another.
Instead of this, the frequency of updates is lowered to save time for revising again and again.

This is more efficient.

So tell me one developer giving this transparency and possibilities of a commercial app. There is no commercial developer .
Free blender is only one.

And know imagine how much fun it is, after 12h of programming and some time as admin per day to read your comment shouting “Why!” without even the patience to inform yourself.
One single user, who really paid…is it still 17$ ? = Three cups of coffee. Or two at Starbucks.
Half a year and I haven’t seen one sculpt of yours…WHY??
:joy: just kidding. Love and :vulcan_salute:


Makes perfect sense to me, valid points !

Spot on.
Honesty, having used Nomad for about a year now, I’m starting to feel like wanting to pay for updates after every year of purchasing the app…the asking price for all that wee keep getting is just bordering with humanitarian work.

So here’s me letting Stephane know… if you ever think about switching to such business model, do not feel bad about it.
I would be happy to contribute and give something in return for your continuous work.


I would pay 19,99 € per year, that’s for sure!

With this money, you could perhaps afford one or the other employee, so that the development goes forward :slight_smile:


For the love of Cthulhu, at least start up a quick Nomad Merch Shop. No processing even needs to happen locally. Hop onto TeeSpring, make a design, specify all the various apparel types it applies to, set the costs, done. They take the order, fulfill in 4-5 days, & stack up your proceeds.

Things I’d buy day one if @stephomi made available:

  • Nomad Sculpt t-shirt
  • “Nomad Digital Sculptor” polo shirt. Optimally with dedicated pocket for a spare stylus.
  • Nomad project workbook. Step-by-step how-tos (lulu.com)
  • Nomad cap
  • 3-Pack of artist gloves. Made of microfiber. Mostly covers palm heel, pinky and ring finger. Although iPad offers stellar palm-rejection, microfiber would STILL be invaluable to wipe away greasy prints made by my navigation hand. Nomad logo, of course.
  • Would totally support Stephane through buying Nomad merch
  • I don’t have two coins to rub together

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Was curious to see if they carried sand-colored premium shirts. They do. :smiley:

These are just mock-up studies, but hoping @stephomi gives the fan base a chance to wear its joy.

And of course, who doesn’t sculpt with a beverage nearby?


No merch planned, I focus on dev!
The extra money wouldn’t change anything, just be patient :slight_smile:


Extra money = more employees = faster development and less stress for you :slight_smile:

Except I am not going to hire devs right now, even though I can.

Also I wouldn’t be so sure about “more employees = faster development”.
I know how these things work, many things can go wrong at first.

As for stress I can guarantee it would be worse with employees to handle.
And it’s actually the first reason why I prefer to stay solo for now.

Maybe in the future.


I think steph’s strength is that he works alone and controls his software from A to Z.


Totally agree, handle employees is the most complex part and don’t ensures accelerate your workflow at first stage, need time to learn on both sides.


I would contribute money to the developer if it helped him. aslong as nomad doesn’t turn subscription based like autodesk, adobe and the other sculpting app forger.

I believe that netflix and streaming service are fine but creative software for artist and any productive and essential work software is anti consumer.

but merch, patron, and paid features within nomad im okay with.


Please don’t integrate “paid features”…that’s the worst!


I can’t understand the complete discussion, to be honest.
Nothing has changed except release frequency and people start to be worried. Or, as OT starter, asking why, it’s already half a year, bla bla bla.

Development is still lighting fast.
New features are developed almost day by day.

And after all these fast following releases…l
Isn’t it that hard to understand that some clean up needs to be done as well?

Sure, everyone wants to play with new toys, so do I.

But again, what we experience right now is still much more transparent and frequent than other apps. Without payment for updates.
The only part what would make sense to save dev time is outsourcing social media admin and documentation.
And even that needs delegation time.

But on the other hand I like how the community tries to help and create ideas.

I want a Nomad undertrouser with Nomad logo and “Sculpt it up!” Text :vulcan_salute:


What? Am I missing something, I haven’t noticed new stuff in app.?

I don’t mind merch. But I don’t think it’s a good way to fund development. Unless you have a huge following it might end up being just more work for very little pay.

Yearly subscription with a fair price should be best for cash flow and so that the dev doesn’t need to constantly chase new users to keep going.

See Nomad Change Log - #40 by stephomi
(There are usually minor stuffs that I don’t add to the logs)


@stephomi please dont make nomad subscription based.