Graphics update in Nomad Sculpt

Hello there! I’ve already enjoyed Nomad Sculpt as being the most realistic mobile 3D app, but can these non screen space features be added to make it more realistic?

  • Planar reflections: A type of reflection that have advantages over screen space reflections including no ‘leaking’ at the edge of the image plane and can even reflect objects even if they are off screen. Planar Reflections on Unreal Engine documentation
  • Radiosity global illuminaton: A more advanced form of global illumination that uses diffuse reflection. Radiosity (computer graphics) from Wikipedia
  • Voxel accelerated ambient occlusion (VXAO): A highly advanced form of ambient occlusion based on object geometry and it is very demanding. VXAO: Voxel Ambient Occlusion from Nvidia Developers
  • Anisotropic filtering: A texture filtering that makes texture sharper by improving the texture when viewed from different angle and the levels can be adjusted up to 16×. What Is Anisotropic Filtering?.
  • Volumetric lighting: What is Volumetric Lighting — Definition and Examples
  • Multi-sampling anti-aliasing (MSAA): An anti-alising method to help eliminate jagged edges and reduce moiré pattern and their levels adjustable up to 16×. Multisample anti-aliasing from Wikipedia
  • Volumetric cloud, fog and haze
  • Ambient occlusion texture map: Creates more realistic ambient occlusion within objects
  • Displacement map: When displacement map is added, it causes deformation on the object’s surface. To prevent crashing, Nomad will optimize the mesh to the lowest number of triangles without losing too many details.
  • Higher frame sampling: Higher frame sampling will reduce the amount of noise but sometimes you might find it boring because it is too long and your device might crash along the way. The max samples allowed is 7,776,000 samples assuming that the device can render a scene 1 fps for 90 days or 3 months.
  • Staged rendering: This thing is very important a lot because if the rendering is too long, they can stop rendering and the options are: save to the device, pause rendering to the last rendered frame and save it as a seperate file, or discard rendering history. Also if the device crash while rendering, Nomad will automatically save the rendering to the last rendered frame as a seperate file and you can continue the render.
  • AI denoising: Low samples have a lot of noise and can higher samples can reduce the noise. When rendering at low sampling rate, AI denoising will reduce the noise and blends it smoothly.
  • Lens flare: Lens flare is a camera artifacts caused when a direct light outside camera field of view enters the lens and hits the image sensor. Some people might find the lens flare artifacts disturbing but it adds artistic effects. UNDERSTANDING CAMERA LENS FLARE - Cambridge in Colour
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